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The photographic work of Barnabé Moinard stems from the continuously close attention he pays to his immediate surroundings: commonplace situations, persons and signs, alongside frequent studio sessions. His gaze is intimate and intuitive, and the resulting body of work is as much about details as it is a prism of our times.        

He uses photography to capture what modifies reality, what augments or obstructs the view. The real and the fake, the natural and artificial intertwine in the landscape. Questioning the notion of subject in photography, elements come forward and recede, fleeing the obvious to slow down the gaze of the contemporary mind - obsessed with immediacy, haunted by a constant flow of information and the struggle to distinguish truth from falsehood.

He adopts various genres and explores the possibilities of the medium, frequently incorporating collage, assemblage or found documents. This process aims at transcending these categories to create a collection, adding nuance and widening the scope of interpretation, ultimately asking the question: what are we really looking at? More than an image, photography is an object that can be manipulated, reused, modified. The frame, the margins, the substrate are all intrinsic parts of the process.

Barnabé Moinard graduated from ENSP d’Arles in 2016. His work was exhibited during the Rencontres d’Arles in 2016 in partnership with Olympus and more recently in 2019 at the Collection Lambert (Avignon) in Rêvez #3. He was a resident of the Fondation Nationale des Arts Graphiques (Paris) in 2017.
Born in 1990, he is based in Paris. 


Sélectionné pour le Prix Levallois.

Rêvez #3, Collection Lambert, Avignon.
Postcard Salon, Michael Dooney Gallery, Berlin.
Retours d’ailleurs, Galerie Arena, Arles.
Tempête, solo show,
7 avril - 21 mai - Maison Diaphane, Clermont de l'Oise.
Faire surfaceExposition des diplômés de l'ENSP, 
2-15 novembre - Chez Agnès b, 17 rue Dieu, Paris.
Conversations Photographiques Olympus (avec Corinne Mercadier)
Palais de Luppé, Rencontres d'Arles, Arles.
Work in Progress, Exposition de l'Association des étudiants de l'ENSP
4-17 juillet - Eglise St Julien, Arles.
Messages d'absences, Exposition collective
Arles Contemporain, 1er - 17 avril, Galerie Arena, Arles.
4x6 non title event, Exposition collective
22 février - 19 mars - Galerie Le Magasin de Jouets, Arles.
Variation Paris Media Art Fair
19-25 octobre, Halle des Blancs-Manteaux, Paris.
Work in Progress, Exposition de l'Association des étudiants de l'ENSP
6-19 juillet - Eglise St Julien, Arles.
Work in Progress, Exposition de l'Association des étudiants de l'ENSP
7-21 juillet - Eglise St Julien, Arles.

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